How to overcome writer‘s block with the right food

Who don‘t know this situation: you will start writing but it doesn‘t work. Instead of starting your writing process you are just looking to the white paper, yawning, getting tired playing with the pencils or checking the emails or facebook-news. Frustration arise out of the situation that the document is still white. If you want to write but you cannot you maybe have a writer‘s block.

Writer‘s block can be defined as a condition in which a writer is unable to produce material. Every writing person can be affected by this.

Writer‘s blocks can be developed by many factors. In literature we find a variety of descriptions which factors have an effect on writer‘s blocks. For example, it happens due to mental blocks, to physical stress or to psychological disturbances. When we speak about writer‘s blocks we need to distinguish between interruptions that the result of something that could not prevented by you and those that are the result of your own actions. Office noise or noisy neighbors, typical writer‘s block activators, are for example factors you couldn‘t prevent, stress, personal problems and concerns are interruptions, that only sometimes can be prevent by you. But one factor can utterly eliminate by yourself, because you are solely responsible for not finishing your writing project: food.

Food could be a causer of writer‘s block that depends on fatigue or disturbances. Writer‘s blocks frequently happen, when you feeling exhausted and tired. If you eat the wrong food such as junk food it is often not possible to stay focused on your writing. You become feeling lazy, tired, unmotivated and your monitor stays white.

So one possibility why you have problems to start with your writing process or keep at it is maybe the way you eat. Have you ever thinking about what you eat before you get start writing?

A coherence? Food and writer‘ block

An example: Tina, a 21-year-old student, came to my office because of her problems with starting the writing process. After asking her about her general condition when she start writing, she informed me that she is always tired and that she has no energy at all, that there is a big lack of motivation. Then I asked her about the general actions she does when she decided to write. Tina reported that she always goes after lunch and supper for about two hours to the library. In the past she could write in librarys very well because of the silence. But not this time: She stated that she cannot keep her eyes open when she read a book. Then she has the wish to take a nap for a while although she know that she has no time for it. Tina assumes that she cannot start writing because she doesn‘t like the theme of her term paper. She hopes that I help her with her dislike.

Because of two little aspects in her report I didn‘t thought that she has a writer‘s block because of her dislike for the theme of her term paper. The facts: Tina goes after eating to the library and she cannot concentrate. In my experience in such cases the food drains her energy reserves.

Food and fatigue: When Eating makes you sleepy

If you frequently feel tired after eating, it is maybe a reaction to the types of food you are eating. It could be a sign that you eat the wrong food, because some eatables causes fatigue very much. Depending on what you eat your body reacts positive or negative, it energize your body or even not.

Our body optains the energy and nutrients it needs from food. After we ingested food, it has been digested by stomach and intestine. The food is breaking down in smaller parts, that are the absorbed by your blood and nourish the cells. The less healthier the food is, the less nutrients can be delivered effectively to recharge your inner batteries. Some eatables are not able to refuel your body with energy, because they don´t have any nutritional value: Food like sugary snacks or soft drinks raises our blood sugar level very quickly. You feel an instant surge of energy, but this is only short-lived.

After eating meat, French Fries or Pizza – all foods with high fat level – we like to make a nap. Foods that rich in fats slow down our digestive system, fat needs a lot of energy to digest. For digestive our body needs to bring very much blood from brain to stomach. Because of the lack of blood flow in brain we feel tired.

Please notice: People who eat fats have less bloodflew and feel less energetic after eating.

The amount of food as an other reason for feeling tired

Not only the type of food you eat has influence to your body. Another possiblity why you feel tired after eating ist the amount of food. In particular if you eat large meals with a lot of meat you will be tired after eating.

Sugar and wheat flour also causes fatigue. If you consume food with a high amount of sugar or wheat flour in them (Pizza, Pastas, bakery items), your pancreas starts to produce and release m ore insulin in your blood circulation. With more insulin in your blood circulation tryptophan, an essential amino acid, moves to the brain an be converted there into serotin. Serotonin is a type of neurotransmitter, called monoamine. Neurotransmitters help different parts of the brain to communicate to each other. Lot of serotonin acts harmonizing to the central nervous system and promoting sleep.

Another cause for fatigue are food allergies and food intolerances. Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of that. If you not only feel sleepy but also have other body reactions like diarrhea you should speak about that with your doctor.

You see, the persistent inability to begin or finish your writing project could have the origin in your food. Food can give you energy, but it also can make you feeling tired. So avoid foods with sugar or fat before you want to start writing. It make you fatigue and hinder you to write with power.


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