Feed your brain!

What we eat has influence to our body: some eatables make us tired, some stay us awake. Who feed the organism with the right eatables can be sure to support the most important instrument for learning: the brain. Although our brain just accounts for two percent of our body weight, it sucks down 20 percent of our daily nutritional requirement. Our brain cells need two times more energy than the other cells in our body. The right food can help us think clearly and improve our memory.

If you want to write without feeling tired you should eat foods that increase your energy production:

The most important comestible: Water. You should always pay attention to drink enough water. Water plays a vital role in nearly every function of our body. Up to 60 % of the human body is water – a mere 2 % lack of water has influence to our short time memory and our condition. With a lack of water we feel tired. Furthermore water helps to thin our blood so the nutritional requirements can better transported.

Iron rich foods
Many people suffer from iron deficiency which makes them feel tired. Our brain needs iron to stay higly productive. So it is important to eat enough iron rich foods.
Foods that include iron are liver, seafood (e. g. salomon), lean red meats, tofu, beans, broccoli, watercress, brussel sprouts, nuts, dried apricots or spinach.

Eating fish like salomons, trouts or zander are ideal sources of essential fatty acids like omega-3‘s. Omega-3‘s help brain cells to communicate to each other. To consume food which include a high amount of this fatty acids give us more productive efficiency: we are more susceptive to learning matter and increase our mental activity.

There are countless studies showing that nuts are pure brain food. Nuts have a lot of benefits for your body: they can boost your brainpower and your mood. They are rich in vitamine E and B, omega-6- and -3 fatty acids, that are very essential for the productiveness of our brain. The best nuts for boosting your brain are walnuts, because they contains the most omega-3 out of any other nuts. An average serving is about ten walnuts a day,

Leafy vegetables and cruciferous plants
Leafy vegetables and cruciferous plants support our cognitve system. But it not only influence brain function and cognition, but it also protect agains brain-cell damage. These foods are helpful: broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, asparagus, carrots and sprats.

Soy products
Scientits find out that soy products are also helpful for a better recognition. Soy milk or tofu are rich in choline and lecithin that are important for brain functions.

The so called brainfood is food that contains nutrients which make our brain more powerfull and highly productive. If you eat more of these foods you will see that you will be soon keep up your writing process without any problems.

5 tips to avoid writer‘ blocks with food

Don‘t eat heavy meals before writing
Large meals make you tired, because your digestive systems have to work very hard. This disposses your energy and decrease your motivation to start. To optimize brain power we should eat smaller meals.

No fats
Fats slow down your digestive system, because fats take a lot of energy to digest. Your body needs a lot of blood for that so you will have a less bloodflow. A less bloodflow means that you feel less energetic. Avoid most notably meat, pizzas and french fries before starting writing.

Limit your daily intake of sugary foods
If you limit your daily intake of products with a high amount of sugar, you will quickly notice how good your condition is. Look always at the addition list of the food how much sugar is inside.

Drinking water instead of soft drinks
Its not equal what you drink! Drinking soft drinks is bad for the brain, because they steal a high amount of water from the body. But our brain needs water to work, a lack of water in our blood flow means that we getting tired. Furthermore many soft drinks are full of sugar – another addition that is not good for our condition.

Consume healthy food
You should reconsider your way of eating, in particular when you favor junk food and comestibles with a lot of sugar and wheat flour, e. g. sweets, bakery items or pastas. Brainfood is a source of lot of essential nutrients and it is also easy to digest. Try to  convert your diet to get more energy for the whole day. With more energy you will keep to the writing process and have no problems with fatigue.


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